Much of our artwork hangs on our walls and the walls of a few close friends. We thought that keeping it somewhere more public might be a good idea. So here is that more public place....

Chuck & Andi

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Caribbean Christmas (2008)

Caribbean Christmas, 2009, oil on canvas, 12"x16"


Looking, Homer, AK, by Andi Vinyard


Tree, County Donegal, Ireland, by Andi


Flag, Fishkill, New York, by Andi Vinyard


Boats, Central Park, New York City, by Andi Vinyard


Anchor, Lucy's 2, Virgin Islands, by Andi Vinyard

Washington Monument

Washington Monument, Washington DC, by Andi Vinyard

Remainder (2007)

Remainder, by Chuck Podolak, 2007, oil on canvas, 14"x11"

Remainder sketch


sunflowers, Eastern Market, Washington, DC, by Andi Vinyard

Urban Winter (2006)

Urban Winter

by Chuck Podolak

(2006, Pastel on Paper, 11”x7”)


Sailboat, Lake Champlain, VT, by Andi Vinyard

Avignon Cathedral

Cathedral at Avignon, France, by Andi Vinyard


balloons, Boise, ID, by Andi Vinyard


Kayaks, by Andi Vinyard

Martini Glass

Martini Glass, by Andi Vinyard

Rowing (2006)

by Chuck Podolak, 2006, Pastel on Paper, 11x14


Fireweed, Homer, AK, by Andi Vinyard


leaves, Homer, AK, by Andi Vinyard

Cape Cod Leaves

Cape Cod leaves, by Andi Vinyard

Cape Cod Waves

Cape Cod waves crashing, by Andi Vinyard

Cape Cod sunset

Cape Cod Sunset, by Andi Vinyard


poppies, Edersee, Germany, by Andi Vinyard

market bread

bread at the farmers' market, Baltimore, MD, by Andi Vinyard

Market Peppers

Farmers' Market Peppers, Baltimore, MD, by Andi Vinyard

Embers (2005)

“Embers” by Chuck Podolak, 2005, Oil on Canvas, 11”x14”


spices at the market, Doha, Qatar, by Andi Vinayrd

sand ripples

sand ripples, Djibouti, by Andi Vinyard

Swiss Valley

valley outside Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, by Andi Vinyard

Salmon Eggs

Salmon eggs in a hatchery, Hagerman, ID, by Andi Vinyard

Idaho Sunset

sunset over the Idaho Rockies, by Chuck Podolak


blossoms, Portland, Oregon, by Andi Vinyard

Latourell Falls Creek

Latourell Falls Creek, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, by Andi Vinyard

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, by Andi Vinyard

Sawtooth Christmas (2004)

Sawtooth Christmas, by Chuck Podolak, 2004, Oil on Canvas, 12x9


tree, Boise, ID, by Chuck Podolak


shadows, backside of Boise State University football stadium, Boise, ID, by Chuck Podolak


gravel, by Chuck Podolak

Copenhagen (2004)

Copenhagen, by Chuck Podolak, 2004, oil on canvas

Redfish Lake Shore

Redfish Lake Shore, by Andi Vinyard

Sunset in Tuscany

Sunset in Tuscany, Moltipulciano, by Andi Vinyard

Venitian Flowers (2004)

Venetian Flower, by Chuck Podolak, 2004, Oil on Canvas

Pilot Peak

near Pilot Peak, ID, by Andi Vinyard


cobbles, South fork of the Snake River, ID, by Andi Vinyard

Alice Lake, ID

Alice Lake, ID, by Chuck Podolak